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The Studio

I am very fortunate to have studio space at Metalwerx, a wonderful metals/jewelry school and community studio in Waltham, MA.  For work-in-progress photos, studio updates and current news, visit my facebook page.


Artist Statement

I am continually amazed to be working as a metals artist.  When I decided to pursue graphic design rather than metals, I thought “I’ll get back to metals someday”. How often do we say those things knowing how unlikely they are? And yet, here I am – a metals artist.

My re-entry into metals, about 10 years ago, was through a class called “Woven Metal Techniques”. Suddenly, two of my favorite things – metals and crochet were merged.  I continued to take metals classes and also sought out basketry classes to learn more about fiber techniques. Using weaving/fiber techniques in metal brings a wonderful sense of discovery – the nature of metal seems to change when woven and the nature of a traditional fiber technique can have a very different appearance when done with metal. I frequently incorporate these techniques into my work, as well as more traditional metalworking techniques.

With life increasingly focused on digital images, I find myself drawn to interesting objects with intriguing form, volume, and textures, as well as unexpected details. This is what I want to explore and bring to my artwork.  Ultimately it’s working with my hands, designing, immersing myself in the creative process, and learning to go where the artwork leads that is fulfilling.  I am happy and grateful to be here doing this and sharing it with you.

Artist Resumé (click here)

self portrait 600sq websilver&gray top 600sq webbasket #6 bottom2 square 600sqFlying Saucer front 600sq web